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Phased Contracts 
We like to think we have figured out what you want and what is best for both parties...
Our phased contracts work for both parties involved, by being clear about responsibilities of both the client and student designer, and use plain language to insure everyone is on the same page. 
An 'off-ramp' option is available following the completion and payment of each Phase. This allows all parties to advance through the project knowing that 'unknowns' can be addressed.

The Student Design Clinic Contract is between the Client and the Student Designer. It is phased according to the general processes of any design project.

The SDC is first and foremost about giving students the opportunity to learn real 'Practice' skills, and clients understand that they are giving students an opportunity to apply their creative skills and learn the business side of an architectural practice. We want out clients to be aware of the requirement for compliance with legislation requiring persons preparing designs of buildings to hold specific certifications and registrations when the designs are to be submitted to municipalities for building permits. Projects can vary from decorating and simple non-structural renovations, to full building 'gut' jobs, additions and new builds. If the design is outside the scope of Part 9 or Part 11 of the the building code, the proposed design may require a Professional Engineer and additional costs may be incurred to have the design certified, and/or, if the design falls within Part 9 and Part 11 of the code and requires a Building Permit, a qualified individual having a BCIN certified stamp (see Phase 4 below) is required. These additional costs will be estimated relative to the project being undertaken by the designer, and will be the responsibility of the Client.

There are four phases, and each phase is priced out in advance of signing the contract. At the completion of each phase, client sign-off and payment for work completed is required before the designer can move ahead to the next phase.


As Found Documentation. Measuring of existing site/building conditions as needed. Check zoning as required. Review of building code as required.


Initial Design Drawings. Two different design options taken from clients ideas discussed during the initial consultation(s).


Final Design Drawings. After selecting the features or options that appeal to the client from the Phase 2 designs, the criteria of the final design is selected, and the designer draws up final design drawings. 

Construction Documentation. This phase is done with the participation of a BCIN (Building Code Identification Number) registered consultant working with the SDC. All drawings corresponding to the final design that are needed in order to apply for a permit at the city, and/or complete the work, including Plans, Sections, Elevations, construction details and specifications as required. These drawings can also be taken to a contractor for pricing and construction. 

Clients are able to cancel the contract at the completion of any of the phases, and payment is only due for work that has been completed.